Teen charged with murdering teacher now accused of attack while in custody

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BOSTON, Mass. – A teenager charged with killing his teacher is now being accused of attacking a youth worker while he was awaiting the start of his trial.

Philip Chism, 15, was arraigned in Boston on Wednesday.

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He is accused of attacking a 29-year-old staffer at the youth facility, where he is being held on murder charges.

Prosecutors claim Chism was waiting for the woman as she left a bathroom.

“The defendant immediately wrapped his hands, both hands, around her neck and began choking her,” said Mark Zanini.

“The defendant continued choking her with his hands. The victim was trying to scream but it was ineffective because her airway was closed by virtue of the defendant strangling her,” he added. “The victim was able to get the defendant’s right hand off of her neck. While the defendant’s left hand continued to squeeze her neck, the defendant took his free right hand and started punching the victim in the head with his right hand. Repeatedly punching her in the head, in the jaw, on the left hand side of her face.”

He is now facing charges of attempted murder and assault in this case.

At Wednesday’s hearing, a judge gave him a bond of $250,000 with the stipulation that Chism can only be released to his parents if bail is posted.

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