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Logan Co. Sheriff’s Department opens injured dog case back up after new discovery

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOGAN COUNTY -The investigation is back open for a disturbing case where a dog, named Simpson, found early July with severe injuries to its back in Logan County.

Just a warning, some of the images could be graphic to some people.

First, officials said the injuries resulted after the dog was dragged behind a car, but now authorities said the wounds are consistent with erosive dermatitis caused by thermal or caustic burns.

Simpson, who is named after the street where he was found in Logan County, has a come a long way, even wagging his tail and giving kisses.

Executive Director of the Free To Live Animal Sanctuary, Matt Goodwin said, "It's been remarkable to see his progress.”

Simpson’s wound is now scabbed over and healing.

At Free-To-Live Animal Sanctuary, he's being treated with cream, gel and antibiotics, to keep infections out.

Rescue workers still wonder every day, how this dog got that scary injury.

Goodwin said, "His wound is very straight, it looks very intentional, just the shape of it and what was done.”

Since the dog was found at a construction site near Western & Simpson, he was taken to OSU's Veterinary hospital for further analysis.

Logan County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Rich Stephens said, "They have determined that somehow or another, this dog had been burned with something caustic.”

At the construction site where Simpson was found, workers said they saw another dog with similar injuries that investigators are still looking for.

Authorities said the smaller dog was not caught and they haven’t been able to locate another injured dog in the area.

"Were now investigating a dog that may have had something intentionally poured on it, or it couldn't have been on accident," said Stephens.

If this was a case of animal cruelty, the Logan Co. Sheriff's Department said this is a serious offense.

Stephens said, "If you look at the serial killer type escalation, people move from their thoughts, to hurting animals then to hurting people.”

Goodwin said, “We hope something is found out because we don't want this to happen to other animals, this was very painful to see.”

The Logan County Sheriff’s Department are still looking for the same person of interest from the previous case, who could be a concerned owner, described as a white male, early 30’s and drives a bluish and purple jeep Cherokee.