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Pet store puppy customer learns of surprising surgery

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O’Fallon, MO (KTVI) – An O’Fallon, MO woman paid more than $2,000 for a new puppy and then got a big surprise. She discovered her new pet had a surgery. She claims the pet store tried to hide it.

Jessica Rockwell introduced her new family member saying, “This is Justice. She is about 11 weeks now.”

Justice is a German Shepherd. Rockwell told me, “She is a huge snuggle bug and a huge lover.” Then she added, “I bought a dog that was supposedly healthy. I have all the sheets to prove it.”

Rockwell put down the two grand after getting a clean health record from Petland in Lake St Louis.
She said she even asked, “She’s got a little bump on her belly and I said this is kind of odd, what is this? And they just kind of completely ignored it.” Then Rockwell pointed out, “You can even see where she was shaved in like a perfect square.”

Then she took Justice to the vet who “was doing her little initial exam and flipped her over and was like ‘oh, I see she`s had surgery right here. I was like no… ‘yeah right here it looks like it`s been fixed and repaired.”

A Petland rep told Fox 2 that a hernia operation is not unusual and that it was Petland’s oversight in leaving that off the health record.

Rockwell said Justice was also having other problems that spiraled after she left the vet. She explained, “She was throwing up everywhere and I called (the vet) up and they’re like yeah you need to bring her back here and can we keep her overnight.” Rockwell complained, ‘” feel like they’re hiding things. I mean they lied to me because they said she’s completely healthy.”

Petland rep Jeff Hartmann said respiratory problems, that Justice received treatment for, are not uncommon in kennel settings and he pointed out that Petland covered all the vet bills. It`s part of Petland`s warranty.

He added that Rockwell does have the option to return Justice for half her money back. Rockwell protested, “My dogs are a member of my family.” Reporter Chris Hayes said, “You’re not about to give her back.” Rockwell replied, “No.”

Now Rockwell wants to know more about her dog Justice and where she came from. We’re looking deeper into that now as we investigate the history of pet store pets. We’ll have more on how you can trace a pet store pet’s history as we follow up on this report soon.