UPDATE: 17-year-old drowns at a popular Oklahoma lake

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UPDATE: Officials confirmed Monday that the victim who went under the water at Lake Thunderbird has died.

Authorities say 17-year-old Woodrow Ethan Swecker, from Yukon, was taken to Norman Regional Hospital but died just before 6 a.m. on Monday at Children's Hospital.


NORMAN, Okla. - A lazy summer Sunday at Lake Thunderbird quickly turned frantic when something went wrong and a man went under the water, but didn't come back up.

It happened around 5:30 in the evening at an area known as Party Cove.

"A young man named Ethan was trying to go over to a fan boat. The boat had struck him. We don't know where. We couldn't see anything. But all we know is we heard people looking for a young man named Ethan," said witness, Kody Tucker.

Tucker and his friends jumped to action and formed a line with other people and firefighters to basically drag the lake looking for the victim.

"I was getting kind of worried that we weren't going to find him. And then I just happened to feel something on my toe and I went down instantly. And there he was. I grabbed him, pulled him up and swam as fast as I could to shore," said Austen Kelley.

The rescuers got the man up on the beach and performed CPR until the ambulance arrived to take him to Norman Regional Hospital.

"They said they got a pulse. We don't know anything else. We know he got taken to the hospital. But as far as we know, we got a pulse from him. So I mean that's a miracle within itself," said Tucker.

Both Tucker and Kelley said it was amazing the way everyone at the lake pulled together to search the water.

"It make me feel proud to be from Oklahoma. Because the moment something happened, everybody turned the radios off. We all banded together and went and started searching together as Oklahomans do," said Tucker.

"It was kind of scary, but then again, I hope I saved his life," said Kelley.

The Marine Enforcement Division of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol said the near drowning victim was a 17 year old with a Yukon address.

He was admitted to Norman Regional Hospital in critical condition with trunk internal injuries.