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Four face charges over alleged hit list that included a Cherokee County judge

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TAHLEQUAH - Oklahoma Drug Task Force agents say they uncovered a murder for hire plot in an unlikely place.

It was a few months ago in Tahlequah, agents discovered a hit list that included a Cherokee County judge.

When agents raided a Tahlequah apartment they expected to find drugs of course, but not a hit list written on a note card.

Their search uncovered a murder for hire plot to kill a Cherokee County judge along with three other people.

All four on the list are involved in a child custody battle with 19-year-old Martina Williams on the other side.

On the stand, Raymond Gist said he was hired by Williams' fiancé Samuel Chadwick - and her sister... Joanna Ashcroft.

Gist said he was going to charge $300, but never carried out the hit.

In fact, he says he started working with police to set the others up.

Samuel Chadwick’s mother says she was not surprised.

She says, “Not surprising at all. He is doing what he has to for himself. So we expected it.”

But she says she was surprised the jail is not allowing her son to contact his family.

“We can’t even find out if he is doing okay,” she says. “Can't even ask that.”

She calls her son a good person who always protects those he cares about.

“He’s very caring very loyal to his friends very protective of his friends and family,” she says. “He's just not the type of person to go out and do something get someone like that.”

All four are facing several counts of conspiracy and soliciting for first degree murder.