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Mysterious ‘woman in black’ spotted walking alone across America

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TENNESSEE – A mysterious woman wearing all black, pulling a cart has captured the attention of hundreds all over the country.

But hardly anyone knows much about the so-called “woman in black,” who was last spotted in Morgan County.

Alexandra Schubert was ringing someone up at the convenience store she works at in Mossy Grove when she saw the woman walk by.

“Nobody knows the story to her. She won’t talk to nobody. It’s like a mysterious story on the internet,” Schubert said.

But the woman in black is sharing some details about herself.

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s told a TV station in the tri cities area that her name is Elizabeth Poles and she’s from Motts, Alabama.

“That is a first and I’m 42-years-old. I have never seen anyone dressed like that around here,” Sheriffs’ said.

The 56-year-old woman claims she’s on a bible mission. And it looks like she’s making her way down south.

Last month, she was in Wise, Virginia. This YouTube video shows the same woman arguing with a man in a Walmart parking lot about religion.

Videos like this are making people pull over when they see this woman.

But for most who saw her in Morgan County, they can’t believe they saw the woman everyone’s been talking about.

But it seems like “the woman in black” wants to remain a mystery.

The woman in black also told Sullivan County Sheriff’s investigators that she was from an Islamic Nation and worked at the Pentagon.

But they determined that wasn’t true.