KFOR viewer helps “Rock & Roll” Granny

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EDMOND, Okla - When Charlene Wilkes found a penny Monday morning, she never imagined how much her luck was about to change so dramatically.

Last week, a thief broke into her mini-van, stealing the "Rock & Roll" Granny's musical equipment.

Charlene's story really stuck a chord with KFOR viewers. Ed Commander said, "Being a musician myself it just really touched my heartstrings more than ever."

Commander was so touched, he offered to replace Charlene's gear. So, we surprised the 79-year-old musician at Oklahoma City Music & Sound.

Charlene was stunned! "Ohhhhhh I can't believe this. Thank you!"

Charlene picked out a shiny new custom bass and Peavy amplifer. It's more than this elderly could have ever imagined.

Julian Wilkes said, "Oh man, you ain't a kiddin'. Nobody been that nice to us before. A lot of good people in Oklahoma. You better believe it."

Thieves may have stolen the Wilkes' property,  but a good Samaritan restored their faith in mankind.

Charlene Wilkes told us, "I guess there are a few people left in this world. A few good ones, I tell you."

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