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Oklahoma child needs special formula, mother petitioning health care provider for help

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TULSA, Okla. – An Oklahoma mother is petitioning her health care provider in hopes they will take notice and help cover baby formula for her special needs child.

Emi Clayberg’s daughter Vivian was born three months premature and spent four months in NICU.  She survived but never leaned to eat.

According to KJRH, three-year-old Vivian still depends on her feeding tube for her nutrition. The special lactose-free, high-calorie formula she needs to survive is expensive.

Her special formula costs around 290 dollars a case.  She needs around seven cases a month to survive.

Clayberg says she thought her insurance would cover the cost of the special formula, but after a few months they received news that United Healthcare was not paying for it.

“We didn’t realize that insurance wasn’t paying for it until just recently,” she told KJRH. “You would assume when you have two working adults and you have good private insurance that you wouldn’t have to worry about feeding your child.”

Clayberg has started an online petition and believes that with enough signatures United Healthcare will change its policy and help cover the cost of Vivian’s special formula.

So far, more than 200,000 people have signed Clayberg’s online petition.

Visit change.org for more information and to sign Clayberg’s petition.