UPDATE: Victim identified after large shipping container lands on vehicle

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UPDATE: Authorities say the victim has been identified as 48-year-old William Santee, from Harrah.

OKLAHOMA CITY - People who live in the area say it was a tragic and unexpected accident.

Michael Loyd says, "I just heard a big boom."

But they are too familiar with accidents involving this unusually low under pass.

"It's happened before,” says Loyd.

Billy Williams says, "I've seen a lot of accidents."

The height of this bridge, no matter how low or how high, should be clear as day.

"It don't say anything on there,” says Loyd. “I couldn't see anything.”

But there are signs almost a half a mile up the road. Still there is nothing to warn drivers as they get closer attempting to clear the bridge.

Regardless, authorities say the driver of this military truck should have known if he was going to make it or not.

Capt. Dexter Nelson says, "I'm told the military has access to all bridges and underpasses state-wide to know the heights of those. The driver should have had that information."

Still the people who drive here every day think there's more to it. After watching so many close calls, today's tragedy has them demanding answers.

Billy Williams says, "It's never been this serious."

We've talked to Burlington North Santa Fe Railway, who say they are investigating whether or not additional warning signs need to be added for that underpass.

Safety engineers were on scene shortly after to confirm the bridge was not harmed.