Guests at local motel have horrifying experience

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Guests at a local motel say they had a horrifying experience.

Unwelcome guests greeted an out-of-state family when they showed up to their motel room at the Traveler's Inn and Suites along MacArthur.

It was itching and biting that awoke Jeanna Clever.

"At 2 a.m. my sister woke up and said, Paula there are bugs in my bed," said Paula Torres.

They took video of the bugs crawling around the sheets.

"It was all over,” said Paula.  “Under the pillows on the side of the mattress. Under the blanket."

Thinking it was an isolated problem they switched rooms.

"The next room both beds were also filled with the same bugs," said Paula.

When the family was moved to a third room, they said it smelled like cat urine.

That's when they gave up, and went to the front desk to ask for a refund. They say they were refused.

"The man that was working at the counter said there was nothing he could do because he was not the owner. Basically we could either stay or call the police and that they couldn't give any money back," said Paula.

The family says they eventually moved to a hotel across the street.

Today, we went inside with the sisters to talk to management about their refund.

"I'll give you refund. That's not a problem," said one motel employee.

The women were surprised to get a refund after reading on-line reviews from other customers.

"They said that people have told them that they don't get their money back, so that's why I appreciate you guys coming with me. I think that's probably the only reason I did get a refund," said Paula.

Now with a long trek to New Mexico ahead of them, they can feel a little more at ease.

We spoke with management who checked out the motel and did confirm they found a bug in the room.

They said they will be shutting off several rooms for the next week while exterminators come out.

They say they believe it could be bed bugs.