OKC police investigate deadly hit and run

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OKLAHOMA CITY -A hit and run killed an Oklahoma City man just few feet from his home.

It happened earlier this week at the intersection of NE 14th and Bath.

The victim died just five days after his 47th birthday.

His family is now making funeral plans without knowing who is to blame for the deadly crash.

"This is hard to take," said victim's grandmother Lois Roberson. "He was so close to home when his life was taken from him."

Lois found her grandson lying face down on the curb next to the family's home, just minutes after the collision.

"We turned him over and he was still warm and I thought he was still alive," said Roberson.

The victim had apparently been visiting a friend who lived just three door down from the family's house and got hit walking home.

Unfortunately, the victim Donald Jackson, suffered serious injuries and died before paramedics arrived.

"It broke his back and crushed his ribs," said Roberson. "They started working on him and shook their heads. They couldn't do anything. He was gone."

"At this time the case is still under investigation," said Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight.

Police say the driver responsible for the crash remains a mystery.

"There was not an eyewitness to the crash and we have not made any arrests at this time," said Knight.

Lois says she doesn't care if the person responsible is ever prosecuted for the hit and run.

She just wishes the mystery driver would come forward.

"All they'd have to say is, 'I couldn't see him and I hit him and I'm sorry.' I wouldn't hold it against them," said Roberson. "It would make me feel so much better."

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact Crimestoppers.