Report: Fracking blamed for massive acid spill in Oklahoma

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KINGFISHER COUNTY -Officials say they are looking into a massive spill that happened Monday, July 28.

According to Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s spokesman Matt Skinner, investigators are looking to answer the question “why.”

Skinner says approximately 480 barrels of hydrochloric acid spilled in an alfalfa field near the town of Hennessey.

According to Enid News and Matt Skinner, “Each barrel contains 42 gallons. That would total more than 20,000 gallons in the acid spill.”

Drillers use the hydrochloric acid to pump thousands of gallons into a natural gas well.

Skinner says Trinity Services is working to clean up the spill.

Enid News reports that this “fracking-related hydrochloric acid spill is possibly the biggest of its kind in the state. ”

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