Great State: Oklahoma Made Movie Getting 1st DVD Release…In Japan

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- The art for the DVD cover just came in. This is the first chance director Ryan Bellgardt and star John Ferguson have had to look it over.

There are a couple of strange, new faces.

Ryan points to an image of a man prominently featured on the cover. "This guy right here," he says, "is not even in our movie and I have no idea who he is."

There are also some obvious changes in translation but they both couldn't be happier.

"Would you buy it if you saw it on the shelves in Japan," asks Ryan?

"If I could read it, yeah," jokes Ferguson. "No. I would."

'Army of Frankensteins' came to life from the electricity of a conversation between Ryan and a friend of his about having seen armies of all kinds of monsters in film.

So why not make a movie featuring an army of giant, green men fighting in a Civil War setting?

"You see one of them, but you never see a bunch of them," he points out.

"And you can't kill them," observes a first time viewer.

"That's right," agrees Bellgardt. "It would be a horribly slow moving, imposing army."

Ryan works at a production house called Boiling Point Media. Channel 43 viewers might know him better as one of the 2 Movie Guys.

When it came to casting the evil doctor in his movie, there was only one tame to consider, John Ferguson who is better known to local horror fans as Count Gregor.

Recalling when Ryan asked him to act in the movie, Ferguson recalls, "I said, 'well Ryan let me think about that for a while. He said, 'okay'. Then I said, 'All right. I'll do it.'"

Bellgardt adds, "John Ferguson was the only person in my mind to play the character."

Their film screened at Dead Center and a couple of other festivals where it caught the eye of a Japanese company that wanted to distribute it.

Ryan and John both couldn't say 'hi' enough.

"It's so rewarding," says Bellgardt, "to put a story out there and work so hard on something and then someone who's not your mom or your friend says they like it."

"I got a passport," says Ferguson. "If they want any personal appearances let's go!"

The Japanese have long been known for their particular taste in monsters and horror.

To director Bellgardt and actor Ferguson, their Japan release means a lot more people will have a chance to see their army fight.

The Japanese DVD release of 'Army of Frankensteins' takes place August 2.

Bellgardt is still working on getting his film released in the U.S.

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