Oklahoma parents turning to unusual method to search kids’ rooms for drugs

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OKLAHOMA - More and more kids are using drugs in Oklahoma.  The concern has parents turning to drug dogs to sniff out their child's rooms.

Officials say kids are getting creative and are hiding drugs in places you would never expect.

K9 University says drugs can be hiding in some of the most unlikely places.

Dogs like Duncan, a German Shepherd, are helping parents find these secret hiding places.

Duncan's owner, Angel Soriano, has been training drug dogs for decades. Soriano says recently parents and grandparents have been calling him to search their kids rooms.

"Presently about ten percent of all the kids in schools from age 12 and up are involved in drugs," said Soriano.

Soriano says usually the drugs are hidden in plain sight.

When Duncan searched the training room, he honed in on an energy drink can, but there was no liquid inside.

"When we open it up, we see that there is a weighted bottle with pills inside," said Mallory, Duncan's trainer.

The team says kids can be hiding drugs in an array of household items.

Family therapist Donnie VanCuren has clients who have used similar drug searching services.

"My clients, which are mostly in junior high and high school, probably 50 plus percent will deal with some sort of substance issue. Maybe it's alcohol or maybe it's marijuana or drugs," said VanCuren.

He says it's important for parents to have a game a plan in place with open communication before searches are conducted.

Drug dogs can also sniff out guns and ammo which is another concern parents have.

Law enforcement officers say these home drug dogs are another great way to fight teen drug abuse.

For more information on K9 University, visit their website.

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