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Teens suffer serious burns after taking part in ‘fire challenge’

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CROSBY, Texas – There are reports of teens around the U.S. participating in a dangerous activity.

It’s called the ‘fire challenge’ and it has already led to at least three reports of young people suffering serious burns.

“I was scared,” said Michael Symonette.

What started as a game in Crosby turned into anything but child’s play.

Symonette is happy to be home after suffering second-degree burns while playing the ‘fire challenge’ game.

It’s a disturbing trend, showing young people setting themselves on fire using rubbing alcohol.

Symonette lit himself on fire in the shower but didn’t run the water quickly enough to put out the flames.

He ran out of the shower with his stomach on fire.

His sister had to put out the flames with her hands.

“It’s not fun. It’s not funny, it’s not cute. I don’t understand why they would want to do it. And now, he’s having second-degree burns and he’s in pain,” his mother, Stephanie Palmer, warned.

His injuries are similar to a case in Kentucky, where a 15-year-old victim suffered burns over most of his chest from the challenge.

One of the firefighters who took the teen to the hospital says these burns could affect the teens for the rest of their lives.