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LOL: Dad-to-be modeled for maternity photos for his reluctant wife

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CNN Photo via Kerri Lohmeier photography

CNN – Justin Sylvester’s wife is pregnant.

This isn’t Justin’s first baby rodeo. This is the second child for him and Meghan. Another daughter.

Justin asked Meghan if she was interested in having photos done to commemorate the pregnancy of their soon-to-be daughter, Ruby June Sylvester.

Meghan said no.

But Justin said yes.

“I was studying for my accounting exam and the idea popped in my head that it would be funny if I took them since she didn’t want to,” Justin said.

He laughed about the idea for a couple of days, and finally called up his photographer friend, Kerri Lohmeier. This would be Justin’s surprise present to his wife. All he needed were some Superman underpants and maybe a pair of Meghan’s Lululemon shorts to achieve the “full maternity effect.”

Plus a few other odds and ends. You know. Props.

Lohmeier recalls getting the photo shoot request.

“It was very unusual,” she says. “It’s never happened.”

But, as a true, seasoned professional, she embraced the weirdness, and promptly gathered the aforementioned props.

Ice cream and pickles.

After posting his photos on Reddit, Justin became a viral hit.

“By the end of the shoot, my stomach hurt, and my lower back hurt. I feel as if I had a brief glimpse into the sacrifice that women make on their bodies when they become pregnant,” Justin said.

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