Public transit system offers OKC high school students a free ride

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A new program is offering Oklahoma City high school students a new way of transportation.

When school starts, some students will be boarding a city bus instead of a yellow school bus. EMBARK, Oklahoma City’s public transit system, will allow students from Oklahoma City high schools to ride the bus at no cost to the student or parent.

The Haul Pass program was developed to support Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) students by providing access to public transportation options through a joint partnership between EMBARK, the City of Oklahoma City, and the Oklahoma City Public Schools District. The students’ fares are funded through the joint partnership. Each entity serves as a funding partner to ensure the sustainability of the program.

Beginning August 1, Emerson High School students will have unlimited access to board the bus to go back and forth to school, work, an after-school activity or anywhere EMBARK goes. The program is expected to expand to later to other schools within the district.

“The program has the potential to enrich Oklahoma City’s community by empowering OKCPS mid-high and high school students with sustainable transit options that will allow them to get to school, reach work, and access health care – making our community stronger overall,” said Jason Ferbrache, EMBARK’s administrator.

In addition to the Haul Pass program, EMBARK operates the “Road Scholars” program which allows area schools to use scheduled bus service for field trips at no cost.