Students, staff left devastated after vandals trash their high school

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BLANCHARD, Okla. - Grady County Sheriff's deputies are investigating a case of extreme vandalism at Bridge Creek High School.

It happened sometime overnight Saturday into Sunday morning.

At first, players thought it was just a little prank after someone toilet papered the football field.

But as they were cleaning that up, they discovered much more serious damage inside one of the buildings by the field.

"It's terrible. It's heartbreaking. We worked hard this summer to go out and play some football and our equipment's trashed," said football player, Ryan Gentner.

Carpet glue and detergent were dumped all over the locker room.

Helmets were launched into the air to dent the air vents in the ceiling.

Players say almost every football was slashed.

"One football that wasn't slashed. One of our $90 footballs that weren't slashed," said Gentner.

The coaches' office was even worse.

The entire place was trashed and white paint had been dumped over almost everything in sight.

"I was speechless," said Bridge Creek superintendent, David Morrow.

Morrow says this is demoralizing for the players who have been working hard all summer and just cleaned the locker room last week.

"It is a kick in the gut to not just the football players. I mean this is their area so it really hit there, but this is a kick in the gut to the school," said Morrow.

Deputies with the Grady County Sheriff's Department processed the scene.

"Extreme amount of vandalism," said Corporal Ryan Lake.

Cpl. Lake says they discovered some evidence, including footprints.

"I'm assuming wherever the suspects are, they're probably quite dirty. They're not going to be able to get all this paint or glue off of them," said Cpl. Lake.

"Who would do this and why?" said Morrow.

That's the million dollar question everyone is now trying to answer.

"It's a slap in the face to Bridge Creek. Everyone in Bridge Creek should be offended by what they're seeing," said football parent, Ken Gentner.

Morrow says they've never had any trouble with any school rivals before.

He doesn't know whether this was someone from their district or outside, or even if it was juveniles at all.

Grady County sheriff's deputies spent Sunday afternoon reviewing security footage from cameras on nearby buildings.

The superintendent says whoever did this slowed them down, but didn't stop them.

He plans to have everything cleaned up and back in working order by the time school starts August 12th.