‘Give the guy a medal,’ Cop saves man’s life after pulling him over for speeding

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KENNEBUNK, Maine - When a police officer pulled a man over for speeding, he did not expect to save the driver's life.

"I saw the cruiser on the side of the road and I said, 'Oh, too late. No sense in slowing down now, he's already nailed me," said Scotty Falconer.

When Officer Matthew Harrington pulled Falconer's car over, he was prepared to write the driver a warning and send him on his way.

"Went back to my car, started to run checks, write out a warning card, at which time I heard screaming," said Harrington.

The screaming was coming from Scotty Falconer's wife.

"All I can tell you is I took my license out of my wallet and after that, I don't know nothing," he said.

"He was unresponsive, I checked for a pulse, he didn't have one, at which time I pulled him out of the vehicle and began doing chest compressions," said Harrington.

Harrington's 10 years as an EMT came in handy that day.

When Falconer did not respond to chest compressions, Harrington decided to use the defibrillator that each officer has in their cruiser.

"Obviously, Mr. Falconer was very fortunate that we were right there. We have a short window to defibrillate someone. And luckily for everyone involved, we were right there when it happened," said Harrington.

The next thing Falconer says he remembers is waking up in the emergency room.

"They said, 'You were a goner and you were lucky because the policeman was an EMT. And he knew just what to do," he said.

Harrington says all police are trained to do exactly what he did that day but it's not every day that he gets to have that big of an impact on a life.

"We don't have many of these, certainly not in law enforcement. Sometimes, it's difficult to quantify the difference that we make, but every once in a while, something like this happens," said Harrington.

"They should give the guy a medal," said Falconer.

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