In Your Corner: Scam robocalls back with a vengeance

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OKLA. CITY - Our In Your Corner team has a warning about a telemarketing scheme that targets seniors and the disabled.

The robocall rip-off is an old scam with new twists.

The caller promises a free medical alert system, but it’s a bogus offer.

Sometimes the product never even arrives and in the rare case that it does show up, you'll likely be slapped with a large recurring charge.

Claudia McAlister received one of the calls.

She says, “A medical alert is not worth anything unless it’s monitored and if it’s monitored, that creates a monthly charge.”

Some shysters are even promising free groceries, while others claim to be from a legitimate organization like AARP.

Craig Davis is the Associate State Director for AARP Oklahoma.

He urges those who receive one of these phony phone calls to hang up without pressing any numbers.

“There's also the option to press 5 to alert officials that you don't want to be part of this,” he says. “What that actually does is it opens your telephone number up to other robocalls and then you're on the list and you start receiving all sorts of scam calls.”

IYC bottom line:

  • An offer is never free if you have to hand over your credit card or banking information.
  • Sign up for AARP’s Fraud Watch Network here. Seniors receive alerts about the latest scams in their area.


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