Parents wait nearly 24 hours to report 6-year-old missing

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Jenise Wright, Source: NBC VOD

BREMERTON, Wash. – Authorities continue to search for a 6-year-old Washington state girl who disappeared over the weekend.

Jenise Wright was last seen Saturday night when she went to bed, but her family did not report her missing until Sunday evening.

“I think my mind is still swimming. It’s just really unclear. Just a bad day gone wrong,” said Jenise’s father, Jim Wright. “When something like that comes up I really got to. I really got to see the self value of people the camaraderie I thought wasn’t there.”

Neighbors and search and rescue personnel from seven different counties have joined the effort to find Jenise.

According to Q13Fox, Jenise’s parents say they are used to allowing their daughter to walk through the neighborhood without supervision.

Jim Wright says his daughter has wandered off before, but she always returns home.  He hopes this search will end the same.

“I’m gonna keep my chin up. Hope for the best. She is going to come home,” said Wright.

Child Protective Services pulled the two remaining children, ages 8 and 12, from the Wright home on Monday.

“Sheriff detectives developed enough probable cause that they felt that it would warrant the safety of the children to be removed from the house at this time but I can’t go into details for why,” said Kitsap County sheriff’s deputy Scott Wilson.

At this time, police do not believe this disappearance is an abduction.  Jenise’s disappearance is being handled as a missing person case with suspicious circumstances.

FBI bulletin on Jenise Wright, Source: Q13Fox

FBI bulletin on Jenise Wright, Source: Q13Fox

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