Patrolling for potholes; You can help!

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Rainfall is wreaking havoc on allergies and mosquitoes, but it's also hurting something else - our roads.

We're told Oklahoma City repairs 80,000 potholes a year.

Rain and ice softens roads and they buckle over time from the weight of cars.

We asked residents what it's like driving down Rockwell, between NW 150th and 164th.

"You're dodging potholes," area resident Matt Van Every said.  "You're dodging other vehicles.  It's a mess and it can be scary."

Matt Van Every is glad to see city crews working on massive potholes along this one mile stretch Tuesday afternoon.  But he says the city was just out here two months ago.

"I think that having a crew come out here every two months is not the answer," he said.  "We pay our tax dollars out in this area as well."

There are so many potholes, Every is worried about drivers swerving at the same time.

"They've swerved and I've swerved.  Everyone is trying to get around the potholes," he said.  "Absolutely, you could have a head on collision."

"Street repaving is very expensive," said Eric Wenger, Oklahoma City's Director of Public Works. "and it's not really something that we can just, with a lot of liberty, just decide on a moment's notice to do."

Wenger said the cost to completely resurface one mile of road is close to half a million dollars.

So they prioritize road projects by how bad, and how busy streets are.

He says the city has to have prior knowledge of a pothole to be liable for any damages to your car.

"We also appreciate citizens' patience as we make those repairs and look for longer term solutions on roads that, perhaps like Rockwell, need a resurfacing project in the future," Wenger said.

He says when you see a pothole, make a mental note of the location and call the OKC Pothole Hotline at (405) 631-1111.

Any damage claims can be filed with the city attorney's office.

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