Report: Man charged nearly $9,000 to bandage finger

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BAYONNE, N.J. ( WNBC) – A man says a common accident was going to cost him nearly $9,000.

Last August, Baer Hanusz-Rajkowski accidentally cut his finger with the claw-end of a hammer.

He told WNBC that he waited a few days for it heal before going to the hospital to see if he needed stitches.

After visiting the Bayonne Medical Center, he was told that he didn’t need stitches but received a bill that was nearly $9,000.

“I got a Band-Aid and a tetanus shot. How could it be $9,000? This is crazy,” Hanusz-Rajkowski told WNBC.

Dr. Mark Spektor, president and CEO of Bayonne Medical Center, blamed the high bill on the patient’s insurance company, United Healthcare.

“These sticker price charges only apply to… a minority of patients whose insurance companies have refused to negotiate fair contracted prices with us,” Spektor said.

However, United Healthcare says the hospital has changed its business model to simply get more money.

“United Healthcare is deeply concerned about hospitals establishing an out-of-network strategy to hike the rate they charge for emergency room services, often surprising patients,” said Mary McElrath-Jones, a spokesperson for United Healthcare.

United Healthcare ended up paying about  $6,640 for the bill.

After WNBC’s story, the hospital wrote off Hanusz-Rajkowski’s portion of the bill.

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