Who owns this monkey selfie?

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If a monkey takes a picture, who owns the copyright?  Well, according to Wikimedia, the owner of Wikipedia, no one does.

The Telegraph reports that back in 2011, photographer David Slater took pictures of Crested Black Macaques in Indonesia, during which some of the monkeys grabbed his camera and took ‘selfies’.

The ‘monkey selfies’ went viral on the internet, and Slater has been trying to get Wikimedia to stop distributing the pictures for free.

However, Wikimedia argues that because Slater didn’t actually take the picture, he doesn’t own the copyright.

They claim that since an animal took the picture, the photo does not belong to any recognized copyright holder, therefore belonging in the public domain.

Slater has been trying to get the ‘monkey selfie’ taken down from Wikimedia’s website, but so far the organization has refused. .