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Controversial sex education book has parents furious, sparks petition

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CALIFORNIA – Hundreds of parents in the bay area are protesting a health class textbook.

They say the book goes too far with its talk of bondage and sex games.

They call that too explicit for their young teens.

But the book’s supporters say it’s not pornography, it’s anatomy.

“This is a great book for college kids,” Teri Topham, a parent said. “It doesn’t fit for my 13-year-old.”

They argue the book goes way beyond the birds and the bees.

The textbook contains topics like bondage, blindfolds, explains sex toys, and games the book calls “safe and harmless.”

More than 1,500 parents signed a petition demanding the Fremont Unified School District drop the book.

These days Sex Education is less black and white.

Teens have easy access to sex in movies, books, and their phones.

Sex Educator Elle Chase calls the book a modern text for modern times.

“I don’t know what kind of sexual education you got, but a teenager took a blackboard and showed me how babies were made,” she said.

The Freemont District stands by its decision to buy the book for this school year.

“The teachers felt here is what California requires, here are the standards, this is the best match for it,” James Morris, Freemont Unified School District’s Superintendent said.

The authors tell NBC News the textbook is targeted to college freshmen, but is still appropriate for a younger audience.

For now, these moms say they’ll keep up the fight to stop sex education from getting too sexy.