Witnesses: Community outraged after unarmed teen was shot dead by police

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MISSOURI – The shooting of a teenager by police has sparked outrage in a Missouri community.

Witnesses say the teen was unarmed when he was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer.

It happened in the midst of an apartment complex.

Two young men were walking home in the middle of street.

“A police officer squad car pulled up and when he pulled up these were his exact words — he said get the ‘f” on the sidewalk.  And we told the officer we were a minute away from our destination and we would shortly be out the street.  He reached out the window. He didn’t get out the car.  He just reached out the window and grabbed my friend around the neck,” Dorin Johnson, a friend of the victim said.

Witnesses say the officer grabbed him around the neck and tried to pull him into the car.

Then, that same police officer repeatedly shot the teen.

“I witnessed the police chase after the guy full force. He was unarmed. He ran for his life and they shot him,” a witness said.

More officers were called in to control the scene after an angry crowd gathered.

“There’s a lot of controversy about what happened.  Tempers started flaring, it did get a little tense when twice several shots were fired.  I don’t know who was being shot at or where the rounds went,” said Chief Thomas Jackson with Ferguson police.

The Saint Louis County NAACP has launched its own investigation.

The group has also asked the FBI to get involved.


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