Archdiocese of OKC pleas with the city to cancel upcoming satanic ritual

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OKLAHOMA CITY - This year will mark the fourth year of satanic rituals being performed at the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City.

Adam Daniels, a satanist, filed for a permit with the city to perform a Black Mass on September 21st.

"We're calling Jesus a mute God. We're calling Jesus a fugitive God. That he's done nothing, he's a chamberlain of nothing." said Daniels

The Catholic Church described the Black Mass scheduled by the satanic group as offensive, sacrilegious and vile.

The Mass mocks Christianity and includes an array of explicit rituals including urination, nudity, and other acts that are too obscene to mention.

Daniels said, "the whole basis of the mass is that we take the consecrated host and give it a blessing or offering to Satan. We're censoring it, doing all things that's normally done to bless a sacrifice, which is obviously the host body of Christ. Then we're taking that and we're reconsecrating it, or the Devil does."

Archbishop Paul Coakley with the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City believes this ritual is evil in its purest form.

Archbishop Coakley says the Civic Center is a venue where the community can experience a positive form of entertainment. He says this satanic organization has an agenda, that has no place in our society.

"The Satanic ritual that is scheduled to be performed at our Civic Center is to invoke those dark powers, which I believe are very real and call them into our city, into our community." said Archbishop Coakley.

Archbishop Coakley's pleas to cancel the dark ritual have been heard by the city, but Jennifer McClintock with the Civic Center, which is city owned, says their hands are tied.

"We must follow not only the laws of our state, but the United States and the first amendment of the constitution and we cannot deny a rental to any one group based upon the content of their message, even if it offends other people." said McClintock

Archbishop Coakley says the satanic organization's message isn't just offensive, it's hateful and it's going to hurt more than the group it's targeting.

"This is kind of a black eye for our city. It sends the wrong message to many people who think we're tolerant of this kind of hate speech. So I think there are financial liabilities that are much greater than perhaps what would be incurred in the cost of a lawsuit to stop this." said Coakley

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