Metro man “bug bombs” himself

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Paramedics rushed to the Country Club apartments on South Agnew early Monday morning on a call of someone who accidentally "bug bombed" himself.

"He was sitting out there. He said that he was just trying to get rid of some bugs and he got sick," said neighbor, Monica Clark.

The victim in this case didn't want to do an interview with NewsChannel 4, but told us he was trying to get rid of some roaches.

"I guess he set it out there in the bedroom or somewhere and he just was sitting right in it," said Clark.

"They've been known to cause headaches, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea and vomiting. So it all really depends on how long you were exposed, how concentrated it was," said EMSA paramedic, John Graham.

Graham says while it's rare, there have been cases of people hurting themselves when using bug bombs.

"The CDC has cases of apartment complexes and things like that where the neighbors have been affected by the outcome of it because they weren't notified or didn't know or they're sensitive to it," said Graham.

The manager at the Westlake Ace Hardware on S.W. 44th street says the warnings on the package clearly state to stay out of the area for four hours after using the product.

"Basically what you do is you take the canister and you press the button to set it off and then have to leave, immediately," said David Welch.

The victim was doing just fine when we spoke with him Monday afternoon.

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