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Oklahoma family manages to escape Ebola-stricken Africa

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EDMOND, Okla. - An Oklahoma family managed to leave an Ebola-stricken Africa despite the tremendous odds stacked against them.

A few months ago, the Crawfords moved to Sierra Leone to take part in medical clinics, building water wells and other humanitarian work.

When the Ebola outbreak began to sweep through the region, authorities urged the family of eight to leave the country.

However, the boarders were closed, all flights were cancelled and there was no way out.

The Crawford's Oklahoma church family started praying.

"Our pastor and others prayed that a door would open up and a flight from Kenyan Airways just opened up.  It wasn't there before, it just opened up.  It just appeared out of nowhere and it gave us seven hours to be at the airport with nothing packed."

One flight with eight open seats opened up and the Crawfords made it home safe and healthy.

The Crawfords say the hospitals in Sierre Leone are overrun with patients and some do not receive any medical attention for days.

They are hopeful they will be able to return to Africa soon and resume the work they were called to do.


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