Metro mail carrier attacked and stabbed while delivering mail

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OKLAHOMA CITY -  Oklahoma City Police arrested a man they say attacked a postal worker while she was delivering the mail.

The stabbing took place Monday afternoon in a neighborhood near NW 122nd and May.

Officers say postal worker, Sheryl Garner, 49, was on her postal route and walked up to the porch to deliver the mail.

That's when she says Bennie Joe Edwards, Jr., 54,  stood up and immediately attacked her with what she thought was a paring knife.

"The victim was simply delivering the mail, walked up to the porch of this residence and there was a man there. She said as soon as she walked onto the porch he attacked her and lunged at her," said Oklahoma City police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow.

The victim quickly ran down the street and police were called to the neighborhood.

Police say Garner had several puncture wounds behind her left shoulder that went through her shirt and at least one puncture wound that went through the skin.

Edwards was still on the porch when officers arrived.

"Strangely enough he was still sitting on the same porch," said Wardlow.

Officers say the house belongs to Edward's mother and the suspect doesn't live there.

Edwards' mom says she has no idea why her son would have tried to allegedly attack the victim.

"I don't know anything about it," said the suspect's mother. "I wasn't here when it happened."

Edwards was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail for assault with a deadly weapon.

Police also say the attack did not have a clear motive.

"It appears it was completely unprovoked. She was just delivering mail when this man attacked her for no reason," said Wardlow.

The good news is the victim escaped serious injury.

Despite being cut on her left shoulder, the victim was able to continue on her mail route Monday night.

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