Ponca City thieves invade the home of 88-year-old woman

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PONCA CITY, Okla. - Ponca City Police are investigating a home invasion in the heart of town.

It happened Monday night to an 88-year-old woman in the 100 block of Hillside.

911 operator: “911”

Caller: "They just broke into my back... through my garage and I'm on the front porch on the outside."

She was inside her house when someone kicked down her back door, invading her home.

She ran out the front door unharmed but shaken beyond belief.

911 operator: "So they're inside your house right now?'

Caller: "Yes I think so! I don't know, I'm scared to go back in there. I'm scared."

Neighbor  Bob Christensen says, “I feel somewhat guilty in not being able to help her in that situation or not even realizing something was going on.”

“All of our neighbors went over there to try and console her,” says neighbor Hannah Hunt.

Neighbor Jay Ward says, “I think it’s sad. It’s disrespectful to our elderly. They’ve lived all their lives and just want to live in peace.”

The police have one man behind bars, 19-year-old Nemaceo Molina but neighbors say they saw another man get away just in time.

“The man jumped his fence and into our backyard and over the fence here and ran down the street,” says Christensen.

Lately crime on this street has picked up.

“We’ve had kids show up in our backyard before just trying to take our stuff,” says Hunt.

“Times have changed,” says Ward. “It’s scary but times have changed.”

Neighbors have started looking after each other, keeping the closest eye on their elderly neighbor.

They say she does the same.

“She’s a wonderful lady, very sweet, very kind,” says Ward. “Waves at everybody when you go by. One of those that’s just a good neighbor.”

“It’s leaves everyone feeling uneasy,” says Christensen. “Violated I guess you’d call it.”

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