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Fallin comes out in support of a form of medical cannabis

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The governor made a big announcement Wednesday. She came out in support of research on a form of medical marijuana.

Governor Fallin has specifically said she supports the medically supervised use of "non-intoxicating" cannabis oil, though she was quick to point out she does not approve of medical marijuana in other forms. She also pointed out she does not support legalizing recreational pot.

It's a big move, which could be life changing for some Oklahoma families.

For many children who suffer with seizure disorders their families say CBD oil has proven to be helpful.

While nothing was legalized Wednesday, this step by the governor gives families hope their children could soon get the treatment without having to leave Oklahoma.

The governor said, "As a mother I am very sympathetic." She said that in relation to mothers who are forced to watch as their children experience seizures.

The governor said the research she is supporting will look at CBD oil with .3-percent or less of the ingredient THC, which is believed to be the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

Brittany Hardy was excited to hear the news.

She said, "I was actually stunned, shocked, pleased."

The Tulsa mom has confronted the governor about the issue in the past.

She has also tried to get a face to face meeting with the governor. She even turned over medical records for her baby, Jaqie Angel, to the governor's office, begging for a step like this.

Brittany said, "It's been a long hard battle."

Marty Piel's family also knows this fight.

His granddaughter Zoey has been taking CBD oil for months and has seen a drastic improvement in her health.

Marty said, "For a conservative state like Oklahoma to be looking at this type of issue is huge."

He encourages all Oklahomans to look into this issue for themselves before making a judgment about what's right.

Marty said, "It's a life saving opportunity for these children."

While Brittany says it is encouraging to hear the governor's support she is still somewhat skeptical.

She said, "I hope Mary Fallin says what she's going to do and doesn't go back on her word."

Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Dorman spoke up Wednesday saying he has already worked to get an interim study approved looking at this very issue.

Dorman said he believes the governor is making this decision "purely for political gain."

Dorman said, "In this case, Fallin had staunchly opposed the use of cannabidiol oil in any fashion up to now, but suddenly she's in favor of it. I'm not surprised she's flip-flopped on yet another issue. Given her sliding support, she is changing her positions left and right to tell Oklahomans what she thinks they want to hear, as opposed to what she actually believes. That's the furthest thing possible from leadership."