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Indiana man seeks out family to return precious memories

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UPDATED 8/14/2014

The mystery has been solved!

After KFOR put this story on Facebook, the original owner of the camera was identified as Oklahoma native Phillip Humprey and his wife, Stephanie.

The Humprey’s are both from Oklahoma.

We’re told they already contacted our sister station and will soon be reunited with their memories.

CLARKSVILLE, Indiana – Some of us will never know the history behind thrift store finds.

An Indiana man is on a mission to find the family that used to own a video camera.

Joe Lynch purchased a five dollar RCA video camera from a Goodwill store in Clarksville, IN. As Lynch began to look through the camera, he found videos and pictures of a family with their newborn baby.

“I take a lot of footage of my kids, but my wife keeps insisting I take more,” he says.

The Army Sergeant First Class knows the value of making memories and capturing them.

“I guess my mission right now is to find out who these tapes belong to so I can get them back to them,” said Lynch.

The tapes contain images of family holidays, birthdays and vacations.

That’s when Joe’s wife said “These belong to somebody’s family. I don’t think they meant to give them to Goodwill.”

So with good intentions, Lynch started searching.

“I just ended up taking snapshots of the family and posted it on Facebook and people started sharing it,” said Lynch.

WAVE reports that the family may have lived near Stillwater, Okla., which is where the baby may have been born.

“Somebody might know who these people are… So they can contact me so I can mail them their tapes back,” Lynch said. ” And that’s really what I want to do.”

If you know the family, have them call 502-585-2201.