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Quick-thinking crime victim helps catch alleged burglary suspect

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A quick-thinking crime victim turned into a detective to solve his own home burglary.

Earlier this week, police say three thieves burglarized the victim's home, right behind Oklahoma City University.

After breaking inside, the alleged suspects stole a pearl necklace that is worth thousands of dollars.

The next day, the victim helped police track down one of the accused thieves.

With surveillance cameras rolling, the alleged pair of thieves broke down the back door.

"The backdoor was kicked in and there was jewelry all over the kitchen floor," said Michael Smith.

With a jewelry box in hand, just seconds later, the duo was seen sprinting outside.

Smith owns the home and says during the smash-and-grab, the crooks took a valuable pearl necklace that belongs to a family member.

The surveillance video also shows a third suspect serving as a lookout during the crime.

Taking that video to neighbors led to a break in the case.

"I put the pictures on an iPad and basically went to neighbors and asked if they had seen these guys," said Smith.

One neighbor helped Smith track one of the alleged suspects to a nearby home.

"It was very good detective work on his part," said MSgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Police praised Smith for tracking one of the suspects down, but advise everyone to be extremely careful before taking the law into their own hands.

"People have to be very cautious when doing something like this because this could go bad very quickly," said Knight.

"Honestly, I just got lucky. Police do a great job. I just got lucky," said Smith.

Smith says he was able to recover the pearl necklace.

Two of the alleged suspects have not been arrested.