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School district sees major jump in enrollment, staff trying to keep up

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Mustang, Okla. - Teachers in Mustang are getting ready to welcome a lot more students back to school on Thursday.

Officials say the city continues to grow, which is spurring a jump in the Mustang School District's enrollment.

"Even though we're exploding here in our school district, and we have a very contemporary district, we know our neighbors and I think that's appealing,” said Mustang Superintendent Sean McDaniel.

Last year, the district had just over 10,000 students.

This year, they've enrolled around 980 new faces.

School staff says the 10 percent increase is both shocking and exciting.

"I think it represents that we need to recognize the change and demographics of our community,” said Emily Farnham, Mustang High School's drama teacher.

School leaders say they are doing their best to keep classes at a manageable size.

"It's been hard to keep up with the growth as far as facilities and resources, just the management of that,” said Farnham.

Right now, kindergarten through the third grade is seeing the most explosive growth.

In addition to the classroom sizes increasing, construction of wider lanes in front of the schools can't come soon enough.

"We know it's needed. Just from a safety perspective, we need widening of the road, particularly around our new schools, Canyon Ridge and Prairie View," McDaniel said.

Teachers said they'll step up to the new challenges.

"Come ready to learn, come ready to try and really invest in your own education because we are ready to invest in yours,” Farnham said.

There are 13 schools in the Mustang School District.

Class begins on Thursday.