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Could a film be in the works about a proposed Satanic statue at the State Capitol?

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OKLAHOMA - The fight continues over a Satanic monument that could make its way to the Oklahoma State Capitol Building.

Now we've learned the political battle involving the statue could end up as a documentary.

It's a statue of a Pagan deity called Baphomet that the Satanic Temple in New York is trying to erect here in the Sooner State.

They say they don't actually worship Satan. They say it's only a symbolic representation of their political beliefs.

This all comes after approval of the 10 Commandments monument at the Capitol.

If it is made into a film, the group says it would be to inform the nation about their struggle in such a religiously strict state.

This is Baphomet.


"We're a pluralistically religious nation. If you're going to have one religious monument at the capitol that sends a negative message, one that one religious voice has co-opted the government," Lucien Greaves, a Satanist with the New York Santanic Temple said.

Tonight, we learned the folks behind the monument might make their battle in Oklahoma the subject of a documentary film.

"Some of the guys I started the Satanic Temple with... they are film makers and that sort of thing. Actually at the outset the original idea was that would make a documentary," Greaves said.

Although the idea is on hold for now, Lucien Greaves said if a film is made it would show the nation the battle his group faces in such a religious state.

"Oklahoma doesn't need to be embarrassed by this I mean Oklahoma will only be embarrassed if the activities of the local government are such that it would be embarrassing," Greaves said.

In a statement Governor Fallin said:

"There will never be a satanic monument on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol and the suggestion that there might be is absurd."

Greaves says that's the type of mentality he's fighting to change.

"Long defines short, dark defines light and those types of things. You need to embrace them both and understand the nature of each in order to live a full life."