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Mom arrested after police say her 3-year-old daughter had broken jaw and bruises

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OKLAHOMA CITY –  An Oklahoma City mother is arrested after suspicious injuries to her 3-year-old daughter, according to police.

A doctor at OU Children’s Hospital called police saying the little girl had a broken jaw, multiple facial bruises and bruises on her legs.

The doctor said the mother, Amber Herzberg, 25, told the hospital the child was injured after falling off the bed.

However, police say the doctor reported that the injuries were not consistent with falling off the bed.

According to the doctor, the only time he had seen a broken jaw like hers was with two adults who had been physically fighting.

Officers say Herzberg told them the girl was watching a movie, while she was in another room, and then fell off the bed.

Herzberg told police that her daughter fell in a small space between the bed and the wall with an old-fashioned heating unit attached to it.

Investigators say the girl was knocked unconscious for a short time after falling.

Herzberg told police her daughter is  ‘clumsy’ and says some of the bruises were from previous injuries from her falling down or their dog jumping on her.

Officers say Herzberg told them that she is ‘not the best mom, but not a bad mom either’.

Herzberg was arrested and faces child abuse charges.