Doctors remove baby skeleton left inside mother for 36 years

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NAGPUR, India – Doctors in India removed the skeleton of a baby who was left inside a mother for 36 years.

According to The Times of India, when Sharda(name changed) became pregnant, doctors said her child had little chance of survival because it the was growing outside the womb.

Instead of having the recommended operation, Sharda sought treatment for the pain at the village clinic.

36 years later, the 60-year-old was experiencing a constant pain in her stomach, urinary problems and fever.

At first, doctors believed the lump they found in her abdomen was cancer, but after she underwent an MRI, doctors found that the mass was a child’s skeleton.

A team of surgeons at the NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences operated to remove the bones of her unborn child.

Doctors believe this woman has the longest ectopic pregnancy on record.  An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that occurs outside the womb.

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