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Family of victim beaten, left for dead by boyfriend speaks out

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City Police are searching for a man accused in the brutal beating of his girlfriend.

A warrant has been issued for Taylor James Elledge. Police say Elledge is wanted for Assault and Battery with Intent to Kill.

Police are hoping you can help find this suspect.


The woman's family who found her motionless are speaking out saying if Elledge is not arrested soon they are afraid he might kill her.

The victim’s stepfather, Gerald McNulty, says, “She has a broken pelvis, broken tailbone, fractured vertebrae. He broke her left arm. He broke her hand and fingers on her right arm and broke her collarbone.'

McNulty is beside himself with anger knowing what Taylor Elledge allegedly did to his step daughter.

“That’s someone who’s not scared to beat up or kill somebody,” says McNulty.

The beating lasted for hours inside their home together after Elledge came home drunk.

Police say he told her that she was going to die.

They say Elledge choked her, punched her, kicked her and threw her against the wall. She even passed out at one point.

After Elledge left, she was able to call her mom who then called for help.

“My wife went to the house where she was at and found her on the floor in her bedroom, black and blue head to toe, just beat to hell,” says McNulty. “You never want to see your child in shape like that.”

Sadly this allegedly isn't the first time Elledge has been abusive.

The victim told police it's been happening since February.

McNulty says she stayed with him because she was scared. He says she thought she might be able to make the situation better.

“That’s been her biggest fear all along too she said, why she’s never left before because either him or his friends would come beat her up,” says McNulty. “I’m pretty scared she’s going to end up dead if they find her.”

That won't stop until they know he's locked up, behind bars.

“The more time goes, the more likely he is to go out-of-state or disappear somewhere,” says McNulty. “As long as he’s out, she’s going to fear for her life.”

Police tell us they've received information that Elledge has shaved his head, they think in an attempt to change his appearance.

But he is believed to be driving a newer model black Chevy Tahoe.

Also, Elledge has four previous violent assault convictions.

Police tell us he is a very violent man so if you see him or have any information about where he is they just urge you to call CrimeStoppers at (405) 235-7300.