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Farmer creates special message for Oklahoma military members in field

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ARCADIA, Okla. - A local farmer and his wife came up with a unique, eye-catching way to pay tribute to airmen and women working at Tinker Air Force Base.

The tribute, seen only from thousands of feet in the air, grabs their eyes as they take off and land at the base.

Crestview Farms in Arcadia is now being dubbed Freedom Farm, but not because of the American flag waving over its vegetables and fruits.

"We had some people from Tinker fly over and saw the property and asked us about our vegetables, 'What do you have? We saw you growing," Vernon Graff, the farmer and owner of Crestview, says.

Air Force pilots flying to Tinker managed to grab a glimpse of the couple's Oklahoma shaped all-organic garden, which got the former National Guard crew chief  thinking.

"If they're seeing that we're growing vegetables, maybe they can see a message also," Graff said.

Down on the ground, the message looks like a bad mowing job.

However, we got a bird's-eye view from Bob Moore Chopper 4. freedomfarm

"Basically, I put it there for the military coming back and for all the planes that fly in and land at Tinker. It says 'Freedom' and then it says 'Thank you, " Graff said.

His wife, Susan, says it's a few words that most military men and women don't hear enough.

"I think it strikes a chord with them because they are putting their life on the line for us and for our freedoms," Susan Graff says.

"I plan on keeping it, keep on mowing it," Vernon says.

A farmer mowing his own freedom farm in Arcadia, Oklahoma.

If you'd like more information about  the farm, check out its website.