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Man recovering after brutal Ponca City burglary

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PONCA CITY -- A Ponca City man is beaten with a bat, and forced to stare down the barrel of a handgun as burglars ransack his home.

It happened a little after three in the morning on Wednesday.

The victim suffered only a minor injury to his wrist, while the burglars made away with thousands of dollars in property.

"I had just laid back down," said burglary victim Max Gillogly. "They just kicked the door in, had a mag light and a pistol, and asked me where the money and the guns were."

The man was stuck, forced to remain in his bed while his home was tarnished.

"They went in and they trashed everything," said Gillogly. "They'd already been through the house three times."

According to Gillogly, the men kicked in the back door, and proceeded to ransack the house for around 40 minutes. They made away with thousands of dollars in weapons, and fired a shot on their way out that narrowly missed Max.

"A person's home is their castle," said Ponca City Chief of Police Don Bohon. "It's a feeling you have, and when someone violates that it makes it very difficult to feel safe."

Ponca City emergency personnel received a similar call just last week.

911 Operator: "So they're inside your house right now?"

Caller: "Yes I think so! I don't know, I'm scared to go back in there."

Those snippets come from a call made by an 88-year-old Ponca City woman, moments after her home was invaded.

Though the police department says it's not a trend, they're asking that citizens remain alert.

"To prevent crimes like this, the biggest thing that we rely on is the public," said Bohon. "Call us if you see or hear anything."

As for Max, he made away with minor injuries, and a very close call.

"He just walked in, pointed the gun at me and pulled the trigger," said Gillogly. "I'm so fortunate, it might've been divine."