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Murder suspect behind bars nearly two years after stabbing of OKC doctor

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An accused killer is behind bars in Oklahoma City for a murder that took place nearly two years ago.

Police arrested the alleged suspect, 21-year-old Andrew Ellis, in Wichita Falls, Texas.

He is now behind bars at the Oklahoma County Jail.

The murder made headlines in late 2012 because of the nature of the crime and the victim's unusual background.

Deepak Bhasin, 58, produced a series of videos, claiming he was a victim of police brutality before his mysterious death.

In December of 2012, police got an urgent 911 call from inside the victim's home.

"The victim himself actually called police and said he'd been attacked. When police got there, the victim was already deceased," said Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight.

By the time officers arrived, the only evidence that remained were the signs of a bloody struggle, but no witnesses.

The victim's repeated history of arrests with Oklahoma City police and a lawsuit involving his neighborhood association only complicated the investigation.

The lawsuit claimed the victim had verbally threatened residents and even showed up at one neighbor's house wearing no clothing.

Nearly two years later, what happened inside the gated community is becoming clear.

Prosecutors say text messages were found between the victim and Jamie Walker.

Walker and her then boyfriend, Ellis, allegedly planned to meet the victim within the hour of his death.

According to court records, Ellis fled to Texas immediately after the killing, where Ellis allegedly "confessed to stabbing the victim multiple times prior to fleeing Oklahoma."

Regardless of the victim's background, police say they're glad they finally have his accused killer behind bars and the murder solved.

"Leaving them unsolved is bad because the victim's family never gets to understand who did it or why they may have done it, but also it's a person who committed murder we're getting off the streets," said Knight.

Prosecutors initially charged both Ellis and Walker with murder.

The murder charge has since been dropped against Walker.

She is now charged only as an accessory.

Ellis is being held without bond.