Oklahoma City clinic notifying patients after information leak

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Health checks

OKLAHOMA CITY – Patients at an Oklahoma City clinic are being notified that some of their information ended up in the wrong hands.

The Oklahoma City Indian Clinic says it has notified 6,044 patients that their names, email addresses and clinic-specific patient numbers were compromised after the information was accidentally released in an email.

On July 28, authorities say an email was sent from the clinic to 360 patients advertising an upcoming health fair.

A spreadsheet, containing patient information, was inadvertently attached to the email.

The clinic immediately sent a recall message and asked those who received the email to delete the spreadsheet.

“Oklahoma City Indian Clinic understands the importance of safeguarding our patients’ personal information and regret that this incident occurred,” said Lysa Ross, COO of OKCIC. “We have notified our patients of the breach and are taking steps to prevent this from happening again. We encourage patients to call with any questions or concerns.”

Clinic officials say the spreadsheet did not contain personal information that could lead to identity fraud.

It only contained patients’ names, email addresses and patient numbers, which are numbers that are randomly assigned to each patient and is only used by the clinic.

However, authorities say patients may receive unwanted emails and should monitor their email accounts.