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Police: Mom kicked son out of car, forced him to walk 20 miles after argument

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SOUTH CAROLINA – A South Carolina mother is facing charges for leaving her child to walk home after an argument in the family car.

Greenville County deputies say the 12-year-old was left to wander for hours, eventually finding his way to Old Farrs Bridge Road and to the front door of Delinda Duncan.

Duncan says it was around 10:30 Saturday night when the boy showed up, disoriented, and looking for help

“The little boy was all sweaty, tired, scared so I went in the house and got him a Coke.”

Deputies say two hours earlier his mom, Tiffany Simmons had kicked him out of the car at an unknown location, after the two had argued during a shopping trip.

The boy ended up in Greenville County. That’s 21 miles away from the boy’s home in Liberty.

Deputy Drew Pinciaro says what Simmons did went far beyond an acceptable punishment. “By the mother leaving the child out of the vehicle in an unknown, location, where he was unfamiliar in a different county, put the child at risk.”

Duncan said, “That was a trauma. This child will never forget this, he will never, ever forget what he went through.”

Duncan says she will never forget it either, and she says she is glad the boy ended up on her doorstep. “God sent him. He just put him right here.”

She’s also glad Simmons ended up in jail.

She said, “I believe she needs to be where she is, she needs to be forced to get some help, because, listen, there is nothing more beautiful or wonderful than a child.”