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Tattoo saves horse’s eyesight

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It may sound like a cruel treatment but experts say there is a good reason some horses should be tattooed.

Ace, a Fox Trotter horse from Missouri, suffers from a pigmentation problem that causes his right eye to sunburn, blister and even develop ulcers.

The owner got the idea to hire local tattoo artists to tattoo a black line around Ace’s eye, so the light will be absorbed and not reflected.

The horse was put under for the procedure, which turned out to be a success.

“It was such a humanitarian cause, to be able to bring this skill and crossover into the livestock world and actually help an animal,” said Buzz Gaither, the tattoo artist.

“The fact that he can not have to stay in the shade during the heat of the day and hopefully, this will completely keep him from having these ulcerations anymore, if not we’ll have them some more,” said Beverly Bundren, Ace’s owner.

The tattoo artist says Ace’s tattoo will need to be touched up in the coming years.