MMA fighter training Oklahoma officers on safer use of force

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MOORE, Okla. – A famous MMA fighter is in town, training police officers to subdue suspects with something other than weapons.

The Moore Police Department is leading the way, hosting officers from around the state for special training with Royce Gracie, a UFC Hall of Famer and MMA fighter.

The training uses no weapons and no fists.

It is considered a safer way for officers to respond to combative individuals.

“If you watch my fights, I never punch my opponents. I just subdue them,” said Royce Gracie.

Considered to be one of the most influential men in the world of MMA fighting, Royce Gracie is teaching law enforcement officers new techniques in the form of jiu jitsu.

“It’s not based on punching or striking your opponent. It’s more of a submission aggression control techniques,” said Gracie.

The training was organized by the Moore Police Department.

“It keeps us from having to escalate to tools like a taser or pepper spray or batons or, ultimately, firearms,” said Sgt. Troy Fullbright, with the Moore Police Department.

Agencies from around the state and even some from Texas are here for the training.

It’s a week-long session, teaching them how to respond to suspects who come at them with fists or weapons.

It also addresses those who are simply are resisting an arrest.

The law enforcement officials who are taking the class with not only be able to use the moves themselves, they are all taking the training back to their departments to teach others.

“When we are dealing with a combative individual, this is the safest way we can deal with them for us and for them,” said Fullbright.

It is training Gracie says is invaluable to the departments and the cities.

The training course will wrap up Friday.

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