Company gives students new shoes to kick off the school year

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OKLAHOMA CITY  - As many students filed back to class this week, several kids were likely wearing new clothes to go with their new surroundings.

However, a company decided to help students at one elementary school who may have not been treated to those new clothes.

On Friday, MetroShoe Warehouse delivered new shoes to more than 500 students at Wheeler Elementary School.

Officials say many of the students live below the poverty line and will go years without new shoes.

"It almost brings me to tears because if it was my kids, I would have no greater joy," said Heather Bullock, principal of Wheeler Elementary.

As she watched the smiling faces of her students as they tried on new shoes, the beloved principal became emotional.

"I brought my own daughter today to see this first hand, because these kids deserve the same as every other kid gets and this is one of those ways we could do that," she said.

Some of the children say they haven't had a new pair of shoes in over a year.

Volunteers say that while the kids are getting new kicks, they are getting something even better.

"They're worn out and, you know, they don't really have any other options, they'll get a hand-me-down or something like that. That's probably already worn out and we're just very glad that we could do this," said Jason Parks, president of MetroShoe Warehouse.

David Reyna is one of the students stepping into this school year with a new pair of shoes.

He laced up his new sneakers and kicked his old shoes to the curb.

"They're so nice to let us get some shoes and I'm so excited about it," he said.

"This is something bigger than shoes for some of these kids. It gives them that confidence. It gives them that feeling that somebody outside of their school and their parents actually care about them," said Bullock.