‘It’s the least we can do,’ Neighbors come to aid of veteran in need

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas  – A group of neighbors are coming to the aid of a veteran who was evicted from his home.

“He risked his life for us, it’s the least we can do at this point,” said Kara Myers.

Myers is just one of many neighbors who saw the eviction happening and took action at the veteran’s home.

The veteran is a quiet man, who is a bit reclusive.

However, no one is a stranger in the neighborhood.

When residents noticed the man slowly moving each item out of his home, they decided to help.

What started as one or two people grew until the entire neighborhood was at the veteran’s home.

“At one time, they were lined up, all the way down the curb down here and across the other side,” said Myers.

Residents picked up all the pieces of the veteran’s life that were strewn across the lawn, including his American flag, his Purple Heart and other awards.

“It was hard to see. A lot of people were really upset but we are all just trying to focus on the positive, like let’s get him moved,” said Myers.

After moving his belongings, the neighbors felt they could do even more.

They created a page on a fundraising website to get some of what is needed for him to move into a new place.

“He wants to move to Mississippi, that’s where his family is. So, we just want to get the money for the moving company to get his stuff moved over there,” she said.

Now, the neighbors are keeping watch on his property and making sure the community doesn’t forget his sacrifice.