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Found: Remington Park’s missing mascot, Grinch the cat, found safe

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Update: 9/19/2014

The search is over!

Remington Park’s missing mascot has been found.

A Good Samaritan found Grinch the cat near 36th and Classen last week.

Officials say he was skinny and dehydrated, but safe.

OKLAHOMA CITY - On the racetrack, the horses run the show. But workers say off the track, Grinch is king of the castle at Remington Park.

"He'd sit up on the rail all morning, watching horses work or bugging us, laying in the middle of the horse path so the horses would have to walk around him. He just wanted to be around the horses and the people," Kari Craddock, with Remington Park Horse Racing and Casino, said.

The feline socialite is also known to take his adventures inside the park.

Surveillance video shows him hanging around  the casino and riding the escalator.

Workers say Grinch has even tried to take part in the races.

"We're loading horses and he'd walk around the end of the gate,” Ed Crane, Remington Park starter, said. “I'd always be afraid he'd walk out into the field of horses, so I'd call him over and say, ‘Grinch come here.’ And he'd sit down right by my feet."

But lately, workers say there is a little less joy at the track.

It's not because 'the Grinch stole Christmas,’ but because it seems like someone may have stolen Grinch.

The track's unofficial mascot has been missing for a week and the owners are devastated by the loss of their precious pal.

"Monetarily, he's just a cat, but he is our mascot. Everybody back here loves him," said Craddock.

Grinch hasn't been seen in a week, but his owners are holding out hope.

That's because he's been micro-chipped and taking a joyride seems to be one of his favorite pastimes.

"We've been called innumerable times to come and get him,” Craddock said. “People would see that he'd left. He'd hitch a ride on a car at the casino. We've had a call from Penn and 36th to come and get him."

And that's what his human companions hope happened this time.

"He might be over in Nichols Hills or up in Edmond, but we need him back here at the race track," Craddock said.

His bed will stay in the stables, waiting for a safe return for Remington Park's best furry friend.

Grinch is an adult gray Maine Coon cat with white paws.

If you have any information, or know where he is, please contact Remington Park.