Oklahoma farmer discovers hundreds of marijuana plants on property

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BETHEL ACRES, Okla. - A Pottawatomie County farmer made an unusual discovery while walking his 160 ranch.

He immediately alerted authorities to some suspicious plants on his property.

"We set up surveillance on this area for a while, make sure we didn't have someone come in here and cultivate this," said Sheriff Mike Booth, with the Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office.

Hidden under some trees, way off the beaten path, law enforcement officers found hundreds of mature marijuana plants.

Deputies, working alongside the Narcotics Task Force, spent Friday morning removing the weed, all the while aware of  potential traps and other dangers.

"We have to be armed and aware and cautious. You don't know who may be in the woods watching," said Sheriff Booth.

Authorities never found those responsible for this illegal cash crop.

However, they did remove 433 pot plants.

According to officials, the threat went up in smoke.

They were drenched in diesel fuel and torched.

Now, the search begins for the next illegal activity.

"We have eyes and ears everywhere," said Booth.